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Client communication can be a tricky business but is crucially important to every agency, freelancer and anyone who is in the website industry.

It’s not spoken about often and not until recently had I truly pondered the difference good client communication can make to a business, and how bad communication can really stop you from scaling.

I recently met a guy named Vito who owns a design agency in London. He described how bad client communication was stopping him from scaling his agency and I’m sure you can relate.

Meeting your project deadlines can be tough when you are still waiting on that piece of content from your client, or you need some feedback on your last design round to finalise everything. This results in you not getting paid on time, and this can leave a project unfinished for weeks and months.

This is how WP Feedback came to fruition. I had the privilege of an exclusive demo from Vito of his new plugin and I’m super excited to tell you guys about it!

What is WP Feedback?

What is WP Feedback and what does it have to do with client communications?

WP Feedback is a WordPress plugin that is specifically designed for you to communicate with your clients in the most efficient way possible.

In Vito’s words: “It’s a way to communicate with your clients visually, every time you are in a back and forth, the point you are talking about is right there”.

The plugin is live on the front-end of the website you install it on. You click the plus icon and it enters “comment mode”. Then you can hover over elements of the page, click where you want to pin a task and it opens a box where you can do some fantastic things.

First you can create a task and assign it to any user that is part of that WordPress website. You can set the priority of the task, the status (open, closed) and finally write a comment.

This gets rid of any confusion when you are communicating with your client, you both can clearly see what is being discussed. There is also a button which takes a screenshot of the visible part of the page posting it to the chat automatically, and it even provides technical information of the browser and screen resolution the task was created on.

Testing the plugin, I could see the benefits instantly. It empowers your clients to be able to communicate with you without their lack of technical knowledge holding them back.

No more fragmented emails with single requests combined with wonky screenshots without much specificity to them. Both you and your client will always be on the same page. Literally.

The Big Picture

The best aspect about WP Feedback is that you can use it to improve communications through every step of a project.

Do you need content? Pin a task on your placeholder text or image and your client can see specifically what and where you need it. Your client can even see the design implications of why a piece of text needs to be a certain length or why an image needs to be a particular color.

Do you need feedback for a page you’ve designed? Your client can discuss points about the design specifically.

Has your client experienced an issue on their website? Any issue that is seen on the live website can be commented on instantly. They can also set it as urgent so you know it’s something that needs to be fixed quickly.

They have a nifty demo site so you can check it out for yourself here: https://demo.wpfeedback.co

It works on all themes and builders, they’ve also included demo pages for all of the most popular page builders so you can give it a test with your favourite tool.

Getting feedback is at the core of everything WP Feedback is trying to achieve. They improve client communication for all WordPress pros, getting you paid sooner, ensuring bad client communication is not holding you back from scaling your business.


WP Feedback makes communicating with clients a breeze and will help you build great relationships with them. Getting you paid sooner, saving you time and hopefully making your clients more inclined to recommend you to their networks

Are you considering WP Feedback? How do you think it could make a difference to your client communications? Let me know in the comments!

Get WP Feedback

Get WP Feedback

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