ViralWP is a platform that serves high-quality content & WordPress product reviews. We offer several ways to get your product noticed by well-informed members of the WordPress community. Whether it’s a theme, plugin, page-builder or even something that’s not WordPress-specific, we can help you generate interest in it quickly.

Paid Review

We’re going to take your product for a spin and give it a test drive. This is going to be an unbiased review with several criteria such as User Experience, User Interface Design, Functionality, Features, Performance etc. We’re very transparent with our readers because their trust is central to our success, so all reviews will be marked as sponsored. Backlinks to your website are follow links which can help with your SEO.

Just tell us what your product does and how it will benefit our readers, and our writer takes care of everything. If there’s something specific you want us to cover though, just let us know and we’ll make sure we include it in the review.

Price: $498

Review + Newsletter

We don’t just rely on people finding your product review – for an extra $100 we’ll include your review in our regular email newsletter to make them aware of the review of your product.

Price: $598

Dedicated Newsletter

If you’d prefer your own dedicated email – for instance to announce your new product – we will send this out for just $248.

Price: $248


Get your product added to one of our listing posts.

  • Price: $198 (random spot, forever)
  • Price: $498 (#1 spot, 6 months)

Price: $248

Banner Ads

With our sidebar display ads you can be seen by our readers as they move around the site and read more of our reviews.

Price: $298/month (random position)

Get Started

This blog is read by experienced, progressive WordPress users who always want to get better at their job. If you feel that getting in front of them could benefit your product, get in touch to discuss your product or service. If the options we’ve listed above don’t quite fit, we can help you come up with a bespoke marketing plan that suits your needs better. Just send us a message and we’ll get you started.


  • This blog is intended to help WordPress users find products to make their job easier and their projects more successful. That's why we need to keep the standards high. If we don't feel your product deserves a good review and won't help our readers, we'll let you know and give you as much constructive feedback as we can. Publishing a bad review is no good for your product, our readers or the credibility of this site.
  • We test and review products thoroughly - using our own demo website if appropriate - before we agree on promoting them or reviewing them. Even if you offer video tutorials or instructions, we still need to see the product working for ourselves before we will agree to write a review.
  • Our reviews are unbiased. We expect most of the reviews we publish to receive relatively high scores. However, that is because of the high standards we work to and our reluctance to publish reviews for products that we don't believe will help our readers. We will always post our genuine thoughts on a product and are not open to any inducements.
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